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Here at Hostworld, we have had a number of high-quality VPS server packages for business use, all at affordable price points. No matter what your specific needs are, we'll make sure that all your server requirements are met with our high-end VPS servers.

  • Ultra-fast NVME Disk Space
  • 60 seconds Activation
  • Free DDoS protection
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Choice Linux or Windows
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Order one of our Cheap VPS Servers packages today and power your projects with the best-value virtual private servers available!

Build the perfect VPS

  • up to 8 vCPU Cores
  • Up to 16GB RAM
  • Up to 250GB NVMe Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP's
  • Full Root Access
  • Free Backups
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Rated 4.5 on TrustPilot

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30-Day money-back guarantee

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Dedicated RAM
Virtual CPU's
NVMe Disk Space
Delivery Time
For All VPS


2 months free
1 vCore
15GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
Root Access


1 month free


2 vCores
30GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
Root Access


1 month free


2 vCores
50GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
Root Access


1 month free


4 vCores
150GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
Root Access


1 month free


6 vCores
200GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
Root Access


1 month free


8 vCores
250GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
Root Access

What is a VPS server?

Our VPS servers are ready when you are, but first, you need to get a proper understanding of what a VPS server is and what it can do to massively increase your company's potential.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This means that by going with a Hostworld VPS server, you can move all of your storage and web hosting needs to a virtual space on our powerful servers.
Furthermore, all of the packages we offer guarantee that your data will be kept private, with only those people authorised by you and your company allowed access. You can complete all of your business in a completely GDPR compliant manner without having to worry about data leakages that could see up to 4% of your company's revenue taken away in fines.

Our features

Even our most affordable VPS server options have a range of features that set our work apart from the rest of the field. These features include, but are not limited to:

Industry-leading control panel programs offering you access to the technical side of your server.

Freedom to upgrade your service at any time, and transition with no delay to your service.

Expert technical support at any time of day, in the event that your server has unexpected technical problems.

A choice of operating system, whether your company prefers to use Windows or requires the technical access offered by Linux.

Immediate activation, so you don't need to wait for us to get you up and running for your infrastructure to be in place.

Unlike other affordable cheap VPS servers, we offer the majority of features to all of our customers, giving you a premium experience no matter what your budget is.

Protection from cyberattacks

One of the best features of our cheap VPS services is the extent of protection you can expect to receive against cyberattacks.

Firstly, our servers all have DDoS attack protection. A DDoS attack is when a hacker will attempt to overload your server, making it process so many data packets that it can't reasonably continue to function. Our DDoS protection means that your server is further guarded from such attacks, and you will be able to keep working as expected.

Additionally, Hostworld's cheap VPS servers all have thorough backups. This means that even in the case of someone inside your organisation onboarding a virus, you can always revert to a previous save point on the server and all of your data will be protected. No matter what the nature of the attack on your information is, you have plenty of opportunities to bounce back with minimal interruption.

Data centre security

Whilst IT security is paramount, we haven't forgotten about physical security. Our data security is well guarded and has both internal and external CCTV. This means that whilst your data is protected from digital criminals, there is also no chance of someone attempting to physically steal a server to get access to your information.

No contracts

If you're concerned about getting trapped into a long term contract, Hostworld is the right option for you. You can cancel a Hostworld VPS server at any time without fees. Our non-contract service also means that you can upgrade or downgrade the service in line with your company's storage and hosting needs. Here at Hostworld, we are happy for your service to grow as you do.

cPanel & WHM

When you choose Hostworld as your provider, we can offer you a few different control panel options. The industry-leading products that we are proud to licence for all of our users include DirectAdmin, a control panel product designed to make web hosting and site management a much simpler process, and cPanel & WHM, rich with features and designed to offer you full control over your server whilst streamlining the update process. If you have any concerns about running your server, our control panel options make the entire process far simpler.

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hostworld vs competititors

We've broken down how we measure up against the competition below.

Features hostworld UK2 GoDaddy heartinternet Hostinger Fasthosts
CPU Cores 2 2 1 1 1 1
Disk Space 30GB 50GB 20GB 40GB 20GB 20GB
NVMe Storage
DDoS Protection
FREE Backups
Bandwidth No Limits 3TB No Limits No Limits 1TB No Limits
  £4.99 £8.00 £6.99 £4.99 £9.91 £23.99

GeekBench statistics

For those that love a statistic or two, here is how our VPS plans measure up according to the benchmarking tool, GeekBench.

Features GeekBench v4 GeekBench v5
VPS-0.5 2904 674
VPS-1 4,950 1,186
VPS-2 4,947 1,140
VPS-3 8,448 2,058
VPS-4 8,434 2,054
VPS-5 11,726 2,975
VPS-6 14,589 3,726
Custom Plan (16 vCPU) 21,713 5,362

Try Hostworld today

If you're interested in making use of one of the fastest and most secure VPS options available, try Hostworld today. We offer a range of great features and if you have any queries about our work, just get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Incredible performance

Using high-quality NVMe SSD drives, we provide high-spec services at an affordable price point to all our UK Virtual Private Server customers.

Always available

Our Cheap VPS Servers are guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time, ensuring that you never have to deal with significant downtime.

Unlimited bandwidth

Use as much bandwidth as you want, however you want. We won’t throttle your speeds or charge additional fees if you're a high-bandwidth user.

No hidden fees

Our fees and pricing are totally transparent, so you know exactly what you're paying for. We don’t include any additional charges or hidden fees - the price you are quoted is what you pay.

24/7 support

We are here when you need us, and our team of expert support advisors can offer a number of solutions to any technical issue you're facing.

Secure data centres

Our solutions are ISO 27001 compliant so you can feel safe that your data is secure.

Professional and reputable hosting from a company you can trust!

"From very first contact Hostworld put me at ease, explained the process and assured me that they had everything in hand. And they did! They migrated our complete website to their servers, made sure everything was working as it should, and kept me informed of their progress."


"My experience with HostWorld.uk and the service as well as the quality of tech support I’ve received from them is, without question, one of the best if not the very best I ever had from any hosting provider. My migration to you will be my last. Thank you so much guys. Great job."


"Thank you very much for the excellent service I have received from Hostworld. My emails work very well following the help you gave installing my new domain on all my devices. My internet and email security has been greatly enhanced, my server space increased."


"I just want to say a massive thank you for your service. I run a music forum and people begged me to do a virtual party for the easter weekend during the COVID lock down, live DJ's etc. After many hours of trying different providers, youtube, facebook, twitch and so on..."


"Josh has been attentive to our needs from the word Go! Absolutely amazing support and I cannot find a single fault with their service at all. Highly recommend these guys. We're with them for the foreseeable!"


"Great value, great service, great performance. The best of every world with this company. Highly recommended for all types of hosting needs. Andrew specifically has been great to work with."


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