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Can I provision VMs remotely using WHMCS?

If you wish to connect your own copy of WHMCS to our VPS provisioning server you can do so by downloading the WHMCS Module for Resellers here: https://www.virtualizor.com/docs/billing/whmcs-module-for-resellers/ – from there you will be able to automate the provisioning of your VMs from your own WHMCS installation. Please note that we don’t support this third-party module, however Virtualizor can provide support if you require this.

You can obtain your API keys from within your hostworld control panel as shown in the guide linked to above.

When configuring your WHMCS server module please set the hostname and IP address as follows:
Hostname: check your welcome email
IP address: check your welcome email
Username: API KEY obtained from your hostworld portal
Password: API PASS obtained from your hostworld portal

Operating systems

When you configure your products using the Virtualizor module you will need to list the available operating systems as a custom field or configurable option. The list for your copy/paste convienience is:


If the OS name is not exactly as stated above, your VM creation command will fail.