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Configuring your backups

You should configure your backups within our JetBackup system.

This must be done for each account that you hold with us.

1. When you first login to cPanel select the “GDPR Compliance” icon:



2. You will then be advised to review and agree to all of our terms for providing our JetBackup service. Once agreed click “Continue”:

Accept JetBackup terms


3. You should then decide the configuration of your backups and then click “Save Settings”:

  • Regular backups
    • If you select this option this means that all of your backups will still be transferred over the internet using secure FTP however they’ll be stored in an unencryped manner on the remote backup server.
  • Encrypted Backups – GDPR Best Practice – This is our recommended backup type.
    • If you select this option this means that all of your backups will be transferred over the internet using secure FTP and they’ll encrypted before being sent using either your encryption key or a key stored locally on our servers.
    • Please note, if you choose the “Remote Encryption Key” option you must retain your encryption key to be able to restore any of your backup files. We will not have access to this key and it cannot be retrieved by us or yourself if you lose it.
    • If the “Local Encryption Key” is selected this means that the encryption key used to generate your backup files will be retained within our JetBackup system and will allow us to restore your backups without you needing to retain your own encryption key.
  • No Backups – not recommended.
    • If you do not wish us to retain any backups of your files then select this option. Please note in this case we will not be able to recover your data due to hard drive or hardware failure on our servers.
  • The Right To Be Forgotten (*GDPR Best Practice) – Recommended
    • If this option is enabled when your account is closed/terminated all data (including backups) related to your account will be permanently deleted within the number of days specified.


Select backup configuration


4.  You will then be provided with a private encryption key. You should retain this as it may be required to restore your backups and change your settings in the future. Please note that if you misplace this encryption key we may not be able to restore any of your backup files and there is no way to overcome this.

Record your private encryption key


Congratulations, you have now configured your backups. We currently strive to ensure there are at least 3 daily backups stored at any time. You will then be able to review any backups that have been generated for your account, however please note it can take up to 24 hours for your first full account backup to appear within your JetBackup section of cPanel.


The JetBackup System is our disaster recovery platform and, while we give you access to it, we do not guarantee that the system will meet your needs or that it will be available at all times and under all situations.  We make JetBackup available on a best-effort basis and there will be times where maintenance or other issues result in the system being unavailable for end-user access. As per our terms of service we do not guarantee the availability of backups and you should retain your own backups.