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Where can I administer my server?

Once you have a VPS service active with us you can head over to:



Within this section of our portal you will be able to select your VPS server and then you’ll enter the administration section of our portal. Below is an example of what you should see.

VPS administration portal

You can complete actions such as:

  • Power on/off/reboot
  • Change VPS root password
  • View and change your primary server IP address
  • Set boot order options
  • Enable Virtio
  • Change the network interface type
  • Access SSH
  • Access VNC via HTML5 or Java
  • Change VNC password
  • Reinstall the VPS operating system
  • Install a control panel
  • Review and restore a backup
  • Boot VPS into rescue mode
  • Monitor resource usage
  • Review status logs
  • Schedule your server to shut down at particular times or dates
  • Review a history of your VPS server (such as when it was rebooted)
  • View bandwidth usage

You can also upgrade and downgrade your VPS package from within this screen too. Please note that options to change your operating system and control panel will be shown on this screen as it is linked into your order portal however changes made within the upgrade/downgrade screen will not effect your VPS server. You need to make changes of this nature within your VPS administration portal.

If you need to know how to do something by all means raise us a support ticket via https://portal.hostworld.uk/