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Can I provision VMs remotely using WHMCS?

If you wish to connect your own copy of WHMCS to our VPS provisioning server you can do so by downloading the WHMCS Module for Resellers here: https://www.virtualizor.com/docs/billing/whmcs-module-for-resellers/ – from there you will be able to automate the provisioning of your VMs from your own WHMCS installation. Please note that we don’t support this third-party […]

How do I suspend an account through WHM?

If you need to suspend a certain account on your reseller you can do so by typing “Manage Account Suspension” in the search box to the left of WHM. Clicking on the link will bring up a box that lists all the websites on your server. You can click on any of the websites and […]

How do I terminate an account through WHM?

If you want to completely remove an account from your reseller you can type “Terminate an Account” into the search box to the left of WHM. This will take you to a page with a big box in the middle of it where you can highlight an account and click the “Terminate” button to completely remove […]

How do I modify an account through WHM?

If you want to swap packages for an account or want to manually modify the amount of storage space or bandwith an account has access to then you can use the “Modify Account” option. Step 1. Type “Modify an Account” into the search box and select the link that appears. Step 2. The next screen […]

JetBackup – What is it and how do I use it?

JetBackup is the software that we use to back up our servers to our disaster recovery server located in a remote facility. JetBackup does not give you the ability to download a copy of your site as it is right now and only grants you access to the backups we’ve already taken. Generally there is […]

Where can I administer my server?

Once you have a VPS service active with us you can head over to: https://portal.hostworld.uk/clientarea.php?action=services   Within this section of our portal you will be able to select your VPS server and then you’ll enter the administration section of our portal. Below is an example of what you should see. You can complete actions such […]

How do I create a cPanel account?

If you’re a hostworld reseller hosting customer and want to create a cPanel account, login to WHM using the link sent to you in your welcome email. Once logged in, on the left hand menu expand ‘Account Functions’  and then click ‘Create a new account’. Then populate the fields such as domain name, username, password etc […]

Configuring your backups

You should configure your backups within our JetBackup system. This must be done for each account that you hold with us. 1. When you first login to cPanel select the “GDPR Compliance” icon:   2. You will then be advised to review and agree to all of our terms for providing our JetBackup service. Once […]