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Grow your business with our powerful NVMe VPS reseller packages

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Show Yearly Prices
Yearly prices: 2 months FREE!

Entry Reseller

£15.99 /month

5 vCPUs
6 IPv4 Addresses
70 GB NVMe SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited IPv6
DDoS Protection (UK only)
Custom ISO
Instant Setup
No contracts

Advanced Reseller

£58.99 /month

20 vCPUs
24 IPv4 Addresses
325 GB NVMe SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited IPv6
DDoS Protection (UK only)
Custom ISO
Instant Setup
No contracts

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What features are included?

Features Entry Professional Advanced
Instant Deployment
WHMCS Module
KVM Virtualisation
Full Root Access
NVMe SSD Storage
Instantly Scalable
Pre-made OS Templates
Custom ISOs
Features Entry Professional Advanced
Full VM Control
Manage VM resources
Set Virtio Drivers
Resource Usage Graphs
One-Click Control Panel installation
Review Reseller Resource Allocations
Connect to VNC
Features Entry Professional Advanced
Powerful VPS host servers
NVMe SSD Storage
1 Gbps Link
Always online

VPS Reseller Hosting

We provide a powerful web based VPS control panel named Virtualizor. Today, you can harness the power of our infrastructure and this control panel to create high performance, reliable VPS instances. We provide the tools via our VPS portal for you to create and manage your very own virtual machines with instant deployment capability. There's no need to wait, you can have a VM booted up within minutes!

Virtualizor features include:

VPS management: The ability to create, delete, and suspend your virtual machines as and when you choose.

White label: Your VPS reseller account cannot be tracked back to hostworld.

Adjust resources to suit your needs: Control bandwidth, storage, IP addresses (IPv4/6), RAM, vCPUs and much more.

Branding: Our portal is your portal. Add your own logo to complete the white label experience.

Utilise our infrastructure and deploy in UK & US locations

Whether you're just starting on the web hosting scene, an already an established host looking to expand your product-line to offer VPS services, or a web development company looking to setup virtual environments for your clients; we have the infrastructure, support and reliability to make your business excel in the ever growing market of virtual private servers.

Our easy to use portal makes creating, destroying and managing your virtual machines a breeze. With a few clicks of the mouse you're on your way to booting up your very first VPS on our powerful multi-core servers. The service we provide is feature-rich, giving you total control over your resources. You can see how much resource you have available to deploy new machines, or even scale up an existing one - it really is up to you.

We provide very competitively priced VPS reseller packages and this means you're able to make more profit with us than choosing an alternative VPS reseller plan with a competitor. We provide ample resources at great pricing to keep the cost per VM low and the potential profits for you high. Once you're in need of additional resources simply upgrade your package with us and your extra resources will be instantly available to you so you can continue serving your customers.

Our VPS servers have been optimised with the latest NVMe SSD drives sat in RAID offering you and your customers the best performance money can buy.

Unlike other VPS reseller packages that provide SATA SSD or traditional moving platter hard disks (HDD), NVMe SSD drives have no moving parts so you can boot, open applications and transfer data faster, and they also give you greater resilience than a traditional HDD and much greater read/write performance than standard SATA SSD drives. Not only that, your VPS reseller hosting package will be connected to great network ensuring your VM's are always connected to the internet at great speeds..

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Here are a few reasons why so many people choose us...

Lightning fast

Your VM's will be connected to a network that has been independently-rated as being one of the fastest in the UK.

NVMe SSD storage

NVMe SSD (solid-state drives) are utilised on all of our servers, they allow you to do more in less time and offer exceptional performance.

Easy to use virtual machine control panel

Virtualizor is a one-click control panel which offers powerful tools to help you to perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably to get the most out of your VM experience.

24/7 Technical Support

We have a handful of in-house technical support staff on hand 24/7 ready to answer any questions you may have.

Professional and reputable hosting from a company you can trust!

"From very first contact Hostworld put me at ease, explained the process and assured me that they had everything in hand. And they did! They migrated our complete website to their servers, made sure everything was working as it should, and kept me informed of their progress."


"My experience with HostWorld.uk and the service as well as the quality of tech support I’ve received from them is, without question, one of the best if not the very best I ever had from any hosting provider. My migration to you will be my last. Thank you so much guys. Great job."


"Thank you very much for the excellent service I have received from Hostworld. My emails work very well following the help you gave installing my new domain on all my devices. My internet and email security has been greatly enhanced, my server space increased."


"I just want to say a massive thank you for your service. I run a music forum and people begged me to do a virtual party for the easter weekend during the COVID lock down, live DJ's etc. After many hours of trying different providers, youtube, facebook, twitch and so on..."


"Josh has been attentive to our needs from the word Go! Absolutely amazing support and I cannot find a single fault with their service at all. Highly recommend these guys. We're with them for the foreseeable!"


"Great value, great service, great performance. The best of every world with this company. Highly recommended for all types of hosting needs. Andrew specifically has been great to work with."


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