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Service Level Agreement

Our service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between you, and us. It states our responsibility to you as a web host, and the credit guarantee you’re entitled to if our SLA isn’t met. All SLA credit requests must be requested within 3 days of the incident occurring, these requests can be processed by opening a ticket to our billing department.

99.9% uptime guarantee

We guarantee that our uptime will be 99.9% or more. This SLA does not apply our services have been deemed unavailable due to DDoS attacks, scheduled maintenance, client error or by any other means outside of our control. You can view our credit returns below (please note the SLA uptime is calculated over 30 days).

  1. 99.9% – 100% uptime: SLA met
  2. 99.0% – 99.89% uptime: 10% monthly service credit
  3. 98.0% – 98.99% uptime: 25% monthly service credit
  4. Less than 98% uptime: 50% monthly service credit


Ticket response times

Our ticket response SLA states the maximum wait time for each department. If we fail to respond to your ticket within the stated time frames below you’re entitled to 25% credit from your monthly bill.

  1. Technical Request (available 24/7): 2 hour response
  2. Billing Request: 48 hour response


If you have any questions about our service level agreement speak to our sales team.