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Windows RDP, virtual private servers.

Windows RDP VPS, fully activated!

We have crafted powerful and reliable Windows based servers to suit your Windows RDP applications.

  • Super-fast NVME Disk Space
  • 60 seconds Activation
  • Free DDoS protection
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Choice Windows 2012, 2016 & Custom ISO
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Order one of our Windows VPS packages today and power your Windows projects with the best-value virtual private servers available!

£2.99 p/mEx VAT

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on Trustpilot reviews

Configure your WINDOWS VPS package

Dedicated RAM
Virtual CPU's
NVMe Disk Space
Plan RAM vCPU Storage Bandwidth Pricing Delivery Order
VPS-0.5 512 MB RAM 1 15GB Unlimited £2.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now
VPS-1 1 GB RAM 2 30GB Unlimited £3.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now
VPS-2 2 GB RAM 2 50GB Unlimited £5.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now
VPS-3 4 GB RAM 4 100GB Unlimited £9.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now
VPS-4 6 GB RAM 4 150GB Unlimited £14.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now
VPS-5 8 GB RAM 6 200GB Unlimited £19.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now
VPS-6 16 GB RAM 8 250GB Unlimited £34.99 /month Ex VAT Order Now

When you're ready to start your next project or upgrade your current infrastructure, hostworld has the Windows VPS package to suit. It's easy to build, customise and manage your Windows server plan to meet your needs via your own control panel. With super-fast fibre routing, high-speed 1 Gbps uplink, DDoS protection built-in as well as 99.9% server uptime guaranteed across all our packages, you're already on track for success. But if you need any assistance, our support team is on hand 24/7.


£2.99 Ex VAT

per month

£35.88 Ex VAT

per year
1 vCore
15GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

£3.99 Ex VAT

per month

£47.88 Ex VAT

per year
2 vCores
30GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

£5.99 Ex VAT

per month

£71.88 Ex VAT

per year
2 vCores
50GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

£9.99 Ex VAT

per month

£119.88 Ex VAT

per year
4 vCores
100GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

£14.99 Ex VAT

per month

£179.89 Ex VAT

per year
4 vCores
150GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

£19.99 Ex VAT

per month

£239.88 Ex VAT

per year
6 vCores
200GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

£34.99 Ex VAT

per month

£419.88 Ex VAT

per year
8 vCores
250GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't just provide basic VPS plans here at hostworld, we provide you with robust, feature rich virtual private servers as well as:

Need a Windows servers too?

Fast, reliable and cheap Windows VPS

Windows servers with exceptional performance guaranteed

If you're planning on expanding your site or IT system, or you simply aren't getting the super-fast performance that you need from your existing host, it might be time to upgrade to a Windows VPS with hostworld. We have high-speed, secure VPS that uses Windows infrastructure developed by the world-leading giants at Microsoft. A VPS is a virtual private server that operates like a virtual machine and offers root access to all the devices on your network. Rather than operating on a shared server, you'll have all the benefits of running your system on your own private server, just like a dedicated server. When you partner with hostworld, these include unlimited bandwidth and usage, free backups, and storage in our high-security UK data centre. You'll also be able to scale your package as you grow, meaning there's no need to switch hosts, especially with the help of our expert technical team available 24 hours a day.

Fast, reliable and cheap Windows VPS

All our Windows VPS plans are lightning-fast and affordable, thanks to our fully owned and built enterprise-grade hardware which uses high-speed NVMe SSD drives and KVM virtualisation technology, for simply the best performance. We use multiple carriers to for our fibre routing as well as to house our redundant routers and core switches and routers. And it's good to know we've been rated as one of the fastest data centres and server providers in the UK by an independent verifier. That's peace of mind if you're looking for a super-fast Windows VPS!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on Trustpilot reviews

Call our sales team on 0800 678 5914 or email us at sales@hostworld.uk

We've broken down how we measure up against the competition below.

hostworld UK2 GoDaddy heartinternet
CPU Cores 4 4 4 4
Disk Space 100GB 100GB 100GB 100GB
NVMe Storage
DDoS Protection
FREE Backups
Bandwidth No Limits 5TB No Limits No Limits
  £9.99 £30.00 £23.99 £24.99

Using a Windows VPS is a smart choice if you're looking for a versatile platform that can perform well across a range of applications, databases and handle those resource-heavy tasks.

When you choose a Windows server with hostworld you'll get access to a platform that has been designed by some of the leading tech experts for ease of use. You can seamlessly configure your Windows VPS according to your needs, whether it's for web development, hosting remote applications or SQL databases, and even link it to your on-site domain controller for full access to all your resources.

With more staff working from home than ever, it's important your server is able to keep up with demand and enable your team to troubleshoot unimpeded. With complete administrative access, you can use your Windows server with your remote desktop (RDP) account to facilitate easy fixes by logging into client devices on your network. Take full control of networked computers to run diagnostics checks, problem solve and perform upgrades. Data can easily be shared between devices, and all with the peace of mind of knowing your server and its data is safeguarded by Windows Firewall, DDoS protection, as well as the stringent security measures in place in UK our data centres.

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For those that love a statistic or two, here is how our VPS plans measure up according to the benchmarking tool, GeekBench.

GeekBench v4 GeekBench v5
VPS-0.5 2904 674
VPS-1 4,950 1,186
VPS-2 4,947 1,140
VPS-3 8,448 2,058
VPS-4 8,434 2,054
VPS-5 11,726 2,975
VPS-6 14,589 3,726
Custom Plan (16 vCPU) 21,713 5,362

Use of a VPS built with secure and easy to use Windows server architecture to provide versatility and customisation bespoke to your needs, from intensive application use to RDP, SQL databases and site hosting.

We optimise our Windows VPS with cutting-edge RAID technology, NVMe SSD drives and KVM virtualisation to keep things moving fast while preventing reputational damage and data and financial loss from unexpected downtime.

With full administrative access to your Windows VPS, you'll be able to log into client devices on your network using your RDP account easily and securely and view all workload analytics.

Cyber attacks can bring your business to its knees, which is why all plans are protected by in-line DDoS protection, from industry leaders Arbor. Your Windows VPS brings with it built-in protection too, including Windows Firewall to block malicious traffic, and it can be paired with BitLocker for further encryption.

Tweak your Windows VPS plan easily from your control panel; simply upgrade or downgrade your term time, storage space and cores, or add-ons. Contact our team 24/7 for more support and features.

Our UK data centre has some of the toughest security measures in place, including 24/7 guards, breach alarms, plus internal and external CCTV to protect your business' IT infrastructure and data.
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Second to none

Super friendly, knowledgeable - anything, anytime, nothing is too much for them and they will happily do the best they can to cater to your needs. I found them whilst looking to expand the locations I offer on an existing business where uptime, speed and reliability is a must and has to be second to none. I am happy to say that hostworld ticks all the boxes. Al

Excellent service!

Thank you very much for the excellent service I have received from Hostworld. My emails work very well following the help you gave installing my new domain on all my devices. My internet and email security has been greatly enhanced, my server space increased (I should have done that ages ago) and I have confidence in my new hosting package. Alison

Just amazing

I just want to say a massive thank you. I run a music forum and people begged me to do a virtual party for the easter weekend during the COVID lock down, live DJ's etc. After many hours of trying different providers, youtube, facebook, twitch and so on... i was ready to pull my hair out. The only time i had to contact support was to say WOW. Etienne