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Affordable Windows VPS Servers

We have crafted powerful and reliable Windows based servers to suit your Windows Server applications.

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All Windows VPS Servers Include

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Order one of our Windows VPS packages today and power your Windows projects with the best-value virtual private servers available!

Build the perfect Windows VPS

Why choose a Windows VPS?

Engineered for optimal performance

Using a Windows VPS is a smart choice if you're looking for a versatile platform that can perform well across a range of applications, databases and handle those resource-heavy tasks.

When you choose a Windows server with hostworld you'll get access to a platform that has been designed by some of the leading tech experts for ease of use. You can seamlessly configure your Windows VPS according to your needs, whether it's for web development, hosting remote applications or SQL databases, and even link it to your on-site domain controller for full access to all your resources.

With more staff working from home than ever, it's important your server is able to keep up with demand and enable your team to troubleshoot unimpeded. With complete administrative access, you can use your Windows server with your remote desktop (RDP) account to facilitate easy fixes by logging into client devices on your network. Take full control of networked computers to run diagnostics checks, problem solve and perform upgrades. Data can easily be shared between devices, and all with the peace of mind of knowing your server and its data is safeguarded by Windows Firewall, DDoS protection, as well as the stringent security measures in place in UK our data centres.

All VPS plans include the following features

We don't just provide basic VPS plans here at hostworld, we provide you with robust, feature rich virtual private servers as well as:

Here are a few reasons why so
many people choose us...

High performance

We use the latest in NVMe SSD storage technology in all our VPS servers, along with our high-spec server hardware to ensure the fastest platform possible.

99.9% Uptime

With a traditional dedicated server, if your hardware fails then you get downtime. Our VPS servers are optimised with the latest RAID technology ensuring we have the best redundancy in place.

No contracts or fees

We don't believe in contracting you into a service and are confident that our VPS service speaks for itself. You are free to cancel whenever you like without penalties or quibbles.

DDoS Protection

Our UK network is protected from attack through in-line DDoS protection from Arbor, the world's leading manufacturer of cyber threat protection, network visibility and threat intellifence services.


Both our UK and US data centre has diverse fibre routing via multiple carriers and redundant core switches and routers. Our UK network has been independently-rated as being one of the fastest in the UK.


Security is paramount. Our data centre has internal and external CCTV systems, security breach alarms and is manned 24/7.

We have total control of our VPS infrastructure at Hostworld, which allows us to invest in areas that you will see a direct benefit from. We have recently upgraded to enterprise-grade hardware to match our lightning-fast network, making our solutions some of the fastest and most powerful available on the market today. As we own our platform entirely, we can also work with you to provide a highly functional, fully-featured service that is incredibly affordable. We also offer price-matching, so in the rare event that the competition offers you a better deal, we will match it on a like-for-like basis.