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How to enable camera and microphone on Windows Server Remote Desktop

Using a camera and/or microphone on Windows Server requires the installation of the “Remote Desktop Services” role within Server Manager. This feature of Windows Server requires CAL licences which we do not supply, however a 120 day trial/grace period is provided in Windows from when the Remote Desktop Services role is enabled on the server. […]

Resolving “This site cannot be reached” or “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” error within a Windows VPS

Occasionally Windows can fail to get a DNS server automatically from the DHCP server, and as a result services within your Windows VPS may suddenly not know how to load a website within web browsers. To resolve the issue where websites don’t load within web browsers please do one of the following methods: Method 1: […]

Windows Remote Desktop – Disconnections whilst using default RDP port (3389)

Please note that this how-to guide applies only to hostworld customers. A common issue with remote desktop is that the RDP service can lock up if there are too many connections made to it. These connections can be malicous as automated bots around the world try to brute force RDP login details. This is why […]

How To Connect To Windows Remote Desktop

All of our Windows operating systems have Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabled as standard and connecting to your remote desktop could not be easier, just follow these simple instructions. 1. Check that your VPS is “Online”. You can check that your VPS is online by navigating to your VPS service within our control panel and […]