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Over the last week or so we’ve seen an increase in the amount of spam emails relating to domain renewal. The emails are engineered to look like they could be genuine. Making the email appear to come from a valid internet company, or from someone within your own organisation. The purpose of these scam emails is to take you off to a malicious website that will try to either extract service login information or credit card details from you.

An example of one of these emails can be seen here:

Example screenshot of a spam renewal email

To reassure you, our policy here at Calico UK is to assume that you will require your domain name going forward and automatically renew it unless you tell us you wish to cancel. Any emails from us relating to your renewal will come from either [email protected] – if it’s to tell you about an upcoming renewal, or from [email protected] if it includes your invoice. All emails will come signed off by one of the team and will include our company information or logo as appropriate.

The key thing is to take your time when you receive an email that may be bogus, check to see what email address it’s come from, and what site it’s trying to take you to. If there’s anything that doesn’t look quite right, then close the browser window and check with us. Check out this blog about how to spot a spam email.

Please do contact our helpdesk if you have any queries about an email that you’ve received, if you just want to make sure something is either fake or genuine.

Extended Domain Renewals

If you’d like to renew your domain for longer than the usual annual period we can offer domain extensions up to a maximum of 10 years. That way you can sit back and forget about the renewal process for a few years and know that everything is taken care of.

If that’s of interest to you, get in touch with our team. We offer a 10% discount on domains and associated services when purchased for 3 years or more.