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For the past few months we’ve seen a push to ‘Keep It Local’ to give small, local and regional businesses a boost during these difficult times. But keeping it local doesn’t just stop at bread and milk. You can make your domain name local too!

Six years ago today Calico Internet Ltd, based in Cromarty in the Highlands, registered the first .scot (DotScot) domain and since then has registered hundreds of .scot domain names for its customers via that website at

“The .scot ending was originally used to celebrate ‘Scottishness’ by companies and individuals,” says Calico’s MD Kirsty Pryer. “This is even more important as we come out of lockdown and want to emphasise and celebrate local business and businesses. Registering with Calico means that our customers can purchase their Scottish domain name with an Scottish Internet Provider, it makes perfect sense!” Domains can be used for websites to advertise Scottish products and services as well as for business or personal email addresses.

Kirsty Pryer, Calico's MD, works from home during the Coronavirus lockdown

Kirsty works from home during the Coronavirus lockdown

In the past few months Calico has seen a steady increase in the registrations of .scot domains.

“DotScots are still one of the few domain endings where you can get short, snappy three and four-letter domain names, ” Kirsty revealed. “But they won’t be available forever. We saw some more three-letter domains being registered this week.”

Three-letter domain names are easily remembered and have been quickly snapped up on other domain endings such as .com and