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Delegating access to your hostworld account

We do not recommend giving out your main account login credentials as this is a security risk. We instead recommend that you delegate access to another user with their own set of credentials and permissions. To do this please follow the below instructions: Login to your hostworld account at https://portal.hostworld.uk At the top-right, click your […]

Using Two Factor Authentication

Back in December 2021 we enabled an optional additional layer of security to hostworld accounts allowing account holders to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). We’re taking this a step further by enforcing mandatory 2FA for all accounts, therefore in the case where 2FA isn’t already setup, you will be prompted to set this up at the […]

I no longer have my Two-Factor device and/or backup code

On occasion you may no longer have the device upon which you configured two-factor authentication (eg. mobile phone or tablet) because it was lost, stolen or you’ve replaced it with a newer device. The backup code is provided for such situations: Login once with the backup code. For instructions doing that, please refer to this […]

I don’t have my Two-Factor Authentication device with me

Should you need to login to the client area but don’t have the device upon which you configured two-factor authentication (eg. mobile phone or tablet) then the backup code can be used for one login. The backup code was generated when you originally set up two-factor authentication and is composed of 16 letters and numbers […]

Scheduled Maintenance

Below contains details of scheduled maintenance broken down by service type: General No planned maintenance. cPanel web hosting Host node: mars.serverworld.ukDate & time start: 18:00 25/05/23 (GMT+1)Date & time end: Until migration has concludedExpected period of downtime within the above maintenance window: None if using hostworld nameseversExplanation of activity:We’re performing a server migration on the […]