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We often see unscrupulous companies trying to make money by fooling our customers into doing business with them. These usually take one of two forms – either they email our customers to tell them that their domain needs renewing and gives them directions on how to renew it (with them instead of us), or they try to sell them Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services but dress the email up to make it look at first glance that it’s the domain that being renewed.

Here’s an example of the sorts of emails we’ve seen:

Example of a domain con email

To clarify how we work – we will renew your domain unless you tell us not to. It’s that simple. So you should never get a message from us saying that you need to pay us or we won’t renew the domain. We will certainly send you an invoice in advance each time your domain is due to be renewed, but we never say you need to pay or we won’t renew.

Secondly, we always clearly identify ourselves in our emails, either as [email protected], [email protected] or occasionally as individuals. If you can’t see clearly that that the email is from us, then it’s not from us.

Thirdly, although based in Scotland our English is usually pretty good, so if you receive a badly worded email then it’s probably not from us! If you’re ever unsure, remember you can always check with our helpdesk to verify.