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Calico UK ran a STEM/Technology themed competition for the children resident in Cromarty.  The idea was to get kids thinking about how technology is being used while in lock down. The younger children were asked to produce a picture showing themselves communicating with friends and family and older children were asked to come up with a business idea and show a website homepage design for that.

We had some great pictures submitted, and I never anticipated it would be so hard to pick winners. All of the designs and art work had clearly been well thought out and had a lot of time spent on them.  After much deliberation we picked Matilda Buchanan and Orlagh MacIver’s entries.

Matilda had created a beautiful Manga style picture using an app called FlipAClip. Being a big fan of Pokemon, and Manga art this one stood out for me. I also really liked the perspective in the picture where one person was sitting side on and how that was shown on the devices.

Orlagh’s design was a detailed and imaginative homepage for an online spacechip and pilot rental business. Campbell being a big Star Wars fan loved this design.

After making the decision we were then able to award those prizes, whilst maintainging social distancing of course. Both received an Amazon Kindle Fire, we hope that will help fuel their intest in technology going forward.

Matilda Buchanan with her Kindle and me holding her entry.

And Orlagh pictured with hers. Smiles all round!

For the rest of the children who entered, we didn’t want them to miss out, so we gave out a variety of runners up gifts to help keep them occupied while we all stay at home.

I was able to select a variety of gifts from our post office in Cromarty, Estelle has an amazing selection, so we were able to keep things local.

All of the entries are now on display in my living room window!

A massive thank you to all those who entered, we hope it was a talking point for you and your families. It was a pleasure to be able to do a STEM Ambassador activity while working from home.

Well done!

Kirsty Pryer, Managing Director