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Image showing a rising graph with the .scot logo

In these dark and uncertain times it’s refreshing to have some good and uplifting news for a change. That comes from the rise in .scot domain registrations over the last year. Aside from our in-house stats, we also received news from our colleagues at the DotScot Registry, who govern the .scot domain ending.

Since its inception in 2014, the .scot domain ending has been growing by almost 30% year after year as more and more Scots are using it to announce themselves as being members of the worldwide family of Scots. Almost 24,000 .scot domains have been registered so far. Among the current adopters of the domain ending are the entire public sector, including  Scottish Government ( and Scottish Parliament (, as well as thousands of cultural organisations, businesses, and individuals around the world including the Scottish film industry (

With many companies and individuals having to do everything they can to survive lockdown it’s important to project yourself to your customers as best you can. For example, DotScot say that many Scots working with Europe are using the .scot ending to take advantage of the residual good will that exists there for Scotland.

The .scot TLD is politically neutral, and is all about Scotland as a location and nation. However, on the political front, with indyref2 potentially around the corner, the question of how you brand yourself in the 2020’s is becoming more important. For example would you prefer to continue to use a .uk ending domain or should you now also be considering a .scot domain? If you have a .com or .uk name, is it time to protect your business name on .scot too?

At the moment, there are still three- and four-letter .scot domains available, along with some great short keywords, so why not pop over to our domain lookup service at to see if there’s one there that would suit you? We can link your domain name up to an existing web or email service or supply new hosting services including WordPress and eCommerce services. Our friendly helpdesk team are on hand to answer any questions you might have, just call 01381 600580 or email us.

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