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This weekend the central registry company who we partner with for US domain registrations and all of our DNS management systems has had unplanned outage issues. The outage follows planned maintenance that shouldn’t have affected DNS services, but has in fact led to a small number of our customer domains having DNS resolution issues. This can impact on website access, email delivery and access to our webmail and control panel systems. We believe the issues to be limited in scale, and causing intermittent errors or delays.

We know that eNom have been working tirelessly over the last 24 hours to resolve things, but we are aware that there are still issues impacting some customers. At this stage we don’t have further information from eNom, and are awaiting updates. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this is causing, unfortunately it’s outwith our control and we have to wait for eNom to complete their maintenance work.

If you have any technical issues you require assistance with, please contact us via our helpdesk on 01381 600580 or [email protected].

Update 17/01/22 @ 13.00. No further information from eNom as  yet, regarding when their outage issue will be resolved. We’ve been told we’ll be updated within the hour, however, so hopefully we’ll see a resolution soon.

Update 18/01/22
The recent DNS issue which affected some web and mail services over a 24 hour period from Sunday afternoon has now been resolved.

The outage was not with Calico UK, but with one of our central Internet partners, and happened when the scheduled migration of part of their datacenter hit a problem. Symptoms included some mail delivery issues and some websites not being accessible.

All services were resumed on Monday evening (17/1) at approximately 8pm. Missing mail messages would either have been queued and delivered after the problem was fixed, or the email would have been returned to the sender explaining that there was a delivery problem.

We’ll post further information on the issue once that’s been released to us by eNom.

Update 20/01/22
Enom have issued a message about the outage on their website.

Update 24/01/22
Enom have issued an Incident report on their website.