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Screenshot of digi cast website

WordPress is a free content management system that simplifies the design and creation of websites. We thought you might like an insight from some of our customers as to why they chose it for their sites. Here’s what Steven Hill of Digicast (UK) Ltd had to say:

Here at Digicast (UK) we make 3D digital models and environments for VR simulations and games. We also do a bit of game development ourselves, as well as 3D animation and the processing of head scans for digital doubles. Our main clients are in Japan and Taiwan, and they’ve given us an astonishingly wide range of projects to work on. We’ve made Virtubers, warships, ski resorts, haunted houses and a Jackson 5 tribute band made up entirely of cartoon cats.

When it came to designing our website, we wanted something that looked stylish and in-keeping with the VR vibe. We asked our web designer, Helen Caleb, to come up with some ideas. She started extolling the virtues of WordPress and our eyes glazed over. However, when we saw the great designs that she’d come up in a remarkably short space of time we suddenly started paying attention! Helen continues the story:

“I think the best thing about using WordPress is that you don’t need to know code, simply install a theme and off you go. Though a bit of CSS knowledge can come in handy for customising it’s not essential. It’s fairly easy to add functionality, for example forms, email signups (linking to MailChimp or similar), booking forms etc. using plugins.

“If you’re new to WordPress there is a wealth of tutorials on the web and YouTube. Most themes, especially premium themes, come with support, usually via email or message board on their site where you’ll get answers to any queries you may have.

“WordPress is also great as a content management system, making it simple for you to add pages, post an article to a blog, or in our case add new portfolio pieces. The dashboard is fairly user friendly, simple to navigate and with basic instruction even the biggest technophobe can add new content to their site with ease.”


Why not give WordPress a try? Simply call us on 01381 600580 or email [email protected] and we’ll help get you started.