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Many of our customers use the WordPress content management system for their website designs. We asked some of them why they chose this particular system. Here’s what Bob Bull of Glachbeg Croft Centre said:

Glachbeg Croft Centre is a working farm on the Black Isle that provides a positive environment for people with Additional Support Needs to develop and grow as individuals. We tailor placements for individuals based on their needs and their potential, using the context of the farm to provide a constructive, hands-on service to offer benefit to the people that need it – all while having fun at the same time!

When it came to refreshing our website we realised that there was a need for flexibility; not just in the initial design and building of it but in the ongoing update and development cycle. WordPress was a great fit. It allowed the creation of a modern-looking website with little technical experience, while still having the means to delve into coding to fine-tune the details. We’ve been able to quickly and easily add additional features to our website, such as GDPR-compliant webforms through Jotforms so our staff can produce and submit reports securely directly from any internet-connected device. 

Once set-up, the WordPress installation has allowed for quick and easy updates. This has been a huge boon through the pandemic: Updates to documents and advice are a breeze to implement and we’ve been able to ensure that the website is an up-to-date source of information at all times. Being able to rely on the ease of this process means that in turn our customers and referrers know they can rely on our website to be a reliable, relevant source of information. 


If you are interested in using WordPress for your website design, why not contact us on 01381 600580 or drop is a line to [email protected]k. We can set up development space for you with WordPress already installed to get you off to a quick start.