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Supported Scripts of JOS COM website

One of the most popular website design systems is WordPress. This free CMS gives designers a rich choice of plugins and themes they can use for their sites. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what Patricia McShane of Badryrie, who created the JOSCOM website, had to say:

Badryrie aims to enable small businesses and individuals to navigate cyberspace, pivot on-line with custom built websites, and improve efficiency through the automation of routine tasks. My name is Patricia McShane and I am the owner of Badryrie. I have over 25 years semiconductor industry experience in both engineering & management roles, backed up with degrees in both Physics and Business. I have a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and latterly worked as a Business Intelligence Engineer.

JOSCOM Consultancy Ltd are specialists in the field of telecommunications and required a static brochure style website and business email package. Calico’s SuperCali Linux package provides the ideal developer environment to meet these requirements together with the option of using WordPress.

There is a mesmerising choice of WordPress themes which can be daunting. In this particular case I chose to use the theme Business Lander (by Greta Themes). This theme is simple but powerful. It’s lightweight and fast to load. The interface is compatible with all modern browsers and is responsive to all screens (desktop, tablet, mobile). It provides an ideal platform to showcase business services with clear links enabling drill down for more detailed information if required.

There is a plethora of WordPress plugins to navigate and search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key concern for all businesses. This website uses the plugin Slim SEO (by eLightUp). This plug-in automates many of the SEO tasks including auto generation of meta tags (snippets of text) and the creation of an XML site map that tells a search engine what content is in the website and how to reach it. In essence it provides uncomplicated search engine optimisation.

The Ultimate Text and Ultimate Font WordPress plugins (by Greta Themes) enable text and font customisation without knowing how to code and will work with any WordPress theme. If you do know a bit about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) you can add custom CSS code to the Business Lander Theme easily within the main theme configuration which is wonderful.


We can set up some development space for you if you want to give WordPress a try. We’ll even install WordPress for you to make things easier. Simply give us a call on 01381 600580 or email [email protected] and we’ll help you get started.