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WordPress is a free content management system that simplifies the design and creation of websites. We thought you might like an insight from some of our customers as to why they chose it for their sites. Here’s what Paralympian and extreme athlete Karen Darke had to say:


I’m an athlete, explorer, speaker, author, ambassador for possibility and inclusion, and a mindset-heartset coach.  I believe my life purpose is about helping individuals and organisations realise what surprising things are possible when we align our curiosity, passion and purpose and put our intention and energy there. I like helping people ‘Find Inner Gold’: turning challenge into opportunity, transforming the hurdles or difficulties of life into opportunities to learn and develop so that we can find more of that gold inside us, and shine brighter than before.

What I do evolves and changes constantly, and so it would be cumbersome to always need another person to edit my content online. I hold core to all my work that “Ability is a state of mind not a state of body”, but that said, my ability in techy stuff has never been something I’ve considered to be strong. For many years I have found the technology side of being self-employed an intimidating hurdle. Calico have been fantastic at supporting me and the work I do, and have set me up with my WordPress website. After some basic guidance from my website techy, and regular blog-posting, I feel more and more confident navigating my way around the back-stage of WordPress. It seems generally intuitive and user-friendly, and has empowered me to feel able to create and offer more online than I had imagined I would, especially now we are in a more virtual working world. I am really enjoying the ease of changing the structure, look and feel of different areas of my website, super-quick content edit, and the abundance of plug-ins that exist such as Formidable for forms. I’m currently investigating how to set up a back-area within my site for content related to courses so that clients can access resources and download information.

It’s always a learning curve, but with the occasional gem of guidance from an expert, it’s a great platform and it feels really liberating to have developed the skills to manage my own online presence. If you are for any reason feeling overwhelmed by websites or seeking online solutions, I can’t recommend highly enough the use of WordPress and Calico.

Karen Darke


If you want to have a play with WordPress to develop a new site while your existing website is still active, we can set up development space for you with WordPress already installed. Simply call 01381 600580 or email [email protected] and we’ll help you get started.